Petra Harte Photography

From an early age I have always loved photography. My Dad always carried a canon camera and I remember being given a small Kodak tele Ektralite 600 which I absolutely loved. I used to be constantly asking for a new film for my camera! Progressing through the years I moved on to the small compact range of cameras and finally after my wedding in 2011 I decided to invest in my first ever DSLR. This really did show me that photography wasn't all about point and click! So since 2011 I've been teaching myself the art of taking good photographs. I've been fortunate to assist another professional photographer and now I'm shooting solo with portrait shoots, weddings and outdoor sports.

Not only do I love taking photo's but I love the magic you capture as it happens, no two shoots are the same and you never know what you will capture on the day. Giving my customers the end product has to be as enjoyable as taking the first image. Seeing people's reaction to the pictures that have been taken is almost priceless!

So, if you're interested in shoot for yourself, your family, your dog, cat, horse or a special occasion please feel free to get in touch with me. I'd only be too happy to provide you with a quote for my services.

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